Current leadership team

  • Mrs Lara Lara Jeffries


    Lara Jeffries was appointed as headteacher for Heathcote Primary School in March, 2017. Lara comes to Heathcote with previous headship experience in Warwickshire and a wealth of primary education experience. Lara has been consistently judged as an outstanding teacher, has led training for other schools within the area and worked closely with local, national and international leaders in education.
    Lara is committed to providing an excellent education to the pupils of Heathcote Primary School and is determined to ensure each and every child fulfils their potential. Her aim is that all children leave Heathcote as fully rounded individuals, prepared for the world that awaits them, they will be life long learners and people who will show consideration to others throughout their life. A year 6 pupil will leave Heathcote armed with a rigorous academic understanding of the curriculum, a desire to learn, empathy for their fellow citizens, a love of our world, a love of creativity - be it music or art - and a self confidence they so richly deserve. Lara is keen to develop children's technological skills and creativity; in the ever changing world in which we live these skills are key to ensure our children flourish.
    On a more personal note, Lara loves nothing more than spending time with her family, listening to Kate Bush and enjoying a glass of Malbec. Time not working is mostly spent reading books about work, planning a holiday, reading more books about work, in the gym and watching things on Netflix - or a football match!
    Lara cannot wait to meet the children and parents coming to Heathcote and will be meeting new parents very soon. She feels strongly about engaging parents in their child's education, keeping a truly "open door" and creating a happy, yet challenging, school environment. Community is also a big part of Heathcote and strong links will be developed to ensure, on the one hand, the school taps into the excellent potential resources we have on our doorstep and on the other, that Heathcote supports it's community in every way it can.

  • Mr Andy Mitchell

    Project Leader

    Andy is providing transitional leadership for Heathcote Primary School and will be working very closely with Lara Jeffries to ensure the successful opening of the new school in September. He is also the headteacher of Woodloes Primary School in Warwick which is another one of our CAT schools.
    Andy is working with the Directors of the Community Academies Trust, the Local Authority and other stakeholders to ensure everything is in place for not only a successful opening in September but also for continuing success in the years to come.
    He is also looking forward to meeting new children and families and welcoming them to the new school when it opens!
    In his spare time he likes to climb mountains and ride a bike and sometimes he is able to do both at the same time as long as it doesn't get too steep!

  • Mr Ed May

    Director of Education for CAT Schools

    Ed May has oversight for performance and standards for all of the schools currently members of the Community Academies Trust. He is one of the founding Directors of the CAT, along with Philip Hamilton.
    Ed is working with Andy Mitchell and Lara Jeffries to develop strategies and procedures for the new school and also fulfils a governance role.

  • Mr Philip Hamilton

    CEO of the Community Academies Trust

    Philip is the CEO of the Community Academies Trust and with Ed May is one of the founding Directors. Philip is also a member of the Heathcote Education Advisory Board (EAB) and fulfils a governance role.

  • Mrs Alison Bardesley

    Finance Director

    Alison is the Finance Director for the Community Academies Trust and she works with the project team to ensure all of the right funding streams are in place. She is also a member of the EAB and fulfils a governance role.

  • Mr Peter Wain

    Chair of Education Advisory Board

    Peter is a local resident and he contacted the project team to offer his considerable expertise to support the development of our new school.
    He is a Head Teacher of a 4 form entry school and brings great knowledge and enthusiasm to the EAB.
    In his spare time, Peter is a musician and he informs us he has played with some notable super stars but we will have to take his word for it until he can provide some verification!

  • Miss Katyryna Zamulinskyj

    Human Resources Manager

    Katyryna is working closely with the project managers to support the recruitment processes for Heathcote. This is a very exciting and busy role in the early stages of setting up a new school and she has brought great expertise and dynamism to the team.