Caretaker/Site Manager/Cleaner/ Super hero

  • Mr Clive Forrest

    Site Manager

    During my work career I have worked in retail, security management and warehouse management, all of these roles have meant I have been responsible for security and health and safety of not only the premises but also for those people working or visiting those locations. Like most people I can always remember certain teachers or other members of staff at my old schools, and when I thought I could use my past experience in a school to help develop your children I jumped at the chance. Being able to help people has always been one of my lives greatest pleasures and being part of a team that can help our little ones grow is so satisfying and puts a smile on my face. My wife and I have three children who I always told them to make the most of your schooling and just try your best as this can lead you to follow your dreams. We can all do little things to help one another and put a smile on their faces.