Catch Up Funding 2020

Catch up Funding at Heathcote Primary School

Since our return to school after the 2020 Covid 19 outbreak teachers have spent time assessing all children- this has been through many forms such as more formal baseline assessments in Maths and Phonics, to daily informal assessments across all subjects through talking with the children and supporting their learning (example Flashback 4).


These simple assessments have not just been academic but also daily assessments of our children’s mental well-being. Through these assessments we have identified a number of areas of development such as gaps within maths and phonics. We have also established some areas in which children’s mental well-being has been affected.


We will be using a 3 tiered approach to our funding system:


-Targeted academic support

-Wider Strategies


Please find below our Catch Up Funding Report

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Details of our new Intervention Teacher will be posted shortly