For any pupil to meet their full potential academically, a consistently high level of attendance is crucial.  At this school, we aim to ensure the highest possible levels of attendance for all, thereby enabling every pupil to take full advantage of the educational opportunities, both academic and social, which are available to them.

In line with our ethos, this school is committed to providing the best possible education for our pupils, ensuring equal opportunities for all.  Our intention is that each individual feels valued and supported. Our emphasis is on building excellent working relationships with pupils and ensuring a calm, orderly, safe and stimulating learning environment where all pupils want to be and where they are keen and ready to learn.

Our attendance lead for Heathcote Primary School is Mrs Abernethy

Our attendance policy is under review and will be updated shortly. 
We recognise that for some children coming to school every day is a difficult thing to do. We work with families to give your child the best life chances they can. Follow the link below for support and resources to help.