Science Intent

At Heathcote Primary School, we aim for children to have a fascination and respect for the world through our science lessons.  We take our lesson aims from the National Curriculum but build and develop experiences and learning opportunities that encourage them to ask questions, investigate and problem solve.


We build on scientific knowledge through a careful progression of key skills in each year group.  These skills are broadly based on learning about living processes, materials and physical processes.  Children learn best through hands-on, practical experiences where they are free to experiment.  We aim to give every child the opportunity to build their knowledge through memorable learning experiences.  This is not just in the classroom, but through wider opportunities, for example our school trips, forest school, visitors, competitions, and outdoor learning spaces.  We also have good links with “Fizz Pop Science” who have run assemblies and an after-school club.  Through this knowledge, children learn more about the world around them, how things work and the importance of looking after ourselves and the world around us.


Through a rich and varied curriculum, we encourage children to develop investigative skills that help them to ask and answer scientific questions about the world.  Through practical and engaging lessons, children observe, predict, record and evaluate how things work using a range of age-appropriate scientific equipment.


Science can and should create awe and wonder in children, engaging them with the world.  We aim that from this, children leave Heathcote equipped with the knowledge and skills required to understand the importance of science for the world today and in the future.