Year 6 - Recommended books

Physical Health and Wellbeing:

  • Girls under pressure, Jacqueline Wilson
  • The wizard and the ugly book of shame, Pablo Bernasconi


Living and Growing:

  • How did I begin?  Nick Manning and Brita Granstrom
  • Let’s talk about where babies come from, Robie H. Harris
  • Kids, poem by Spike Milligan
  • I love my mother,  poem by Benjamin Zephaniah


Identity, Society and Equality:

  • Hitler’s canary, Sandy Toksvig
  • The unforgotten coatm Frank Cotreel Boyce
  • Dia's story cloth: Hmong People's Journey of Freedom
  • The land, Armin Greder
  • My name is Sangoel, Karen Williams
  • Azzi in between, Sarah Garland
  • Mohammed’s journey / Hamzat’s jouney / Gervelie’s journey (a refugee diary), Anthony Robinson
  • Four feet, two sandals, Karen Lynn Williams
  • Way home, Libby Hawthorne


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing:

  • The wise mouse, Virginia Ironside
  • The illustrated mum, Jacqueline Wilson
  • My mum’s from planet Pluto, Gwyneth Rees
  • Grandpa has changed, Pam Pollach and Mel Belviso
  • Helicopter man, Elizabeth Fensham
  • Finding a voice – friendship is a two-way street, Kim Hood


Keeping Safe and Managing Risk:

  • Miracle on separation street, Bob Graham