Miss Ellie Goodey

Reception Class teacher (Hedgehogs) and MFL lead

Mrs Laura Guilford

Reception Teacher (Butterflies), Phonics and RE Lead

Miss Olivia Newcombe

Year One Class Teacher (Otters) and History Lead

Ms Laura Everett

Year 1 Teacher (Kingfisher) and Forest School Lead

Miss Anna Cowcher

Y2 Class teacher (Rabbits), Assistant Head, English lead and Deputy Designated safeguarding lead

Mrs Anna Tarry

Y2 Class Teacher Part Time (Foxes) Outdoor learning lead

Mrs Elizabeth Brill

Year 2 Class teacher - Part time (Foxes) Art Lead

Mrs Deborah Riman

Year Three Teacher (Hazel) and DT Lead and Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mr Tim Cole

Year 3 Class Teacher (Holly) Science Lead and School Parliament Lead

Mr Alexander Morgan

Year 4 Class Teacher (Birch) and PSHE Lead

Mrs Helen Parashar

Year 4 Class Teacher (Maple), Pupil Premium Champion and Music Lead

Mrs Charlotte Cowling

Year 5 Class Teacher (Cherry) Geography Lead and student placement mentor

Mr Nick Harwood

Year 6 Class Teacher (Beech) and Maths & PE Lead (SLT)

Mrs Gail Kumada

Intervention teacher and EAL lead