Music is of high importance at Heathcote Primary School.  We understand that music can help to develop our brains, build social and fun opportunities, relieve stress and help us to remember key facts.  Our aim is to incorporate a range of musical experiences across our curriculum and school life that will start children on their creative journey, developing a love and understanding of a range of musical genres.  As we make music lessons fun and engaging, we also see children’s self-confidence and sense of achievement increase.


Children at Heathcote have a weekly high quality music lesson based on our “Charanga” scheme of work.  This scheme develops a progression of music skills that focus on understanding key musical principles for example rhythm, pulse, listening and appreciating a range of music, performing, composing and improvising.  Children love these lessons and respond enthusiastically to the range of musical genres that they are introduced to.  They love singing, dancing and having the opportunity to play different instruments.


From September 2021, Heathcote School have been working with “Warwick-a singing town” to promote the joy of singing and for singing to be part of the post pandemic renewal in Warwick.  Through this, weekly singing lessons will be held which aim to promote a love of singing.  In school, informal performances will take place and children will have the opportunity to take part in related community events.


Aside from specific music lessons, children have many musical opportunities.  Singing assemblies are a popular part of the school week where we see children aspiring to do well, smiling and enjoying themselves.  We also have a school choir that meet weekly and have performed in the local community.  We have been lucky enough to have performers visit the school, so that children can appreciate first hand the skill and expertise in playing an instrument. Our Chinese New Year workshop allowed children the opportunity to take part in a grand performance and build on their knowledge of music from different cultures too.   You will also hear plenty of singing and music down the corridors as we use music for brain energisers, and for learning facts, for example the times tables.