English Teaching at Heathcote Primary School
Underpinning our teaching of English at Heathcote is the core principle that all our children will leave the school in yr 6 with the ability to access learning throughout their life. They will be able to read, write, express themselves through confident speech and understand the structure of language.
In addition to these basic skills that will equip the children for life, we endeavour to build a love for literature, a love of stories and inspire our children to write for enjoyment and read for enjoyment. It is very easy for us to become lost in the world of the immediate gratification of  watching something on a tablet/screen, it is our aim to develop a desire in our children to pick up a book, to persevere and find that satisfaction in completing a novel. 
Along with the use of Cornerstones to teach English we also use a wealth of other resources and strategies to achieve the aims outlined. Drama is essential to bring literature to life and engage children, we invite in experts to lead drama workshops and include drama activities in much of our teaching. We ensure our teaching is engaging and exciting, using technology to inspire and develop skills. We continually research pedagogies, the most effective ways of teaching the subject and we celebrate the amazing achievements of our children on a day to day basis. 
In 2018 we have introduced The Power of Reading. This is a research based approach to the teaching of reading and subsequently writing in school. This is a whole school approach and supports our aim to be a reading rich environment. We understand that word acquisition is key to a child's achievement in all subject areas and exposure to quality books is one way to broaden a child's language. Please take a look at the information below to understand more about The Power of Reading.