Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Laura Everett

    HLTA and Forest School Leader


    Laura works across our school teaching all year groups when she covers management release or PPA release for teachers. She is also a strong advocate for forest school and leads outdoor learning.

  • Mrs Ruth Fletcher

    Teaching assistant - Speech and Language


    Ruth supports 1:1 work with children with specific needs very well indeed. She is caring, supportive and ensures children make the progress they deserve to.

  • Mrs Ann Ribbands

    Thrive Practitioner

    Mrs Ribbands leads our Thrive school programme. She works closely with small groups of pupils to support them with their mental health and well-being.

  • Mrs Sharon Crossley

    EYFS Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Crossley is an experienced EYFS practitioner and ensures that all the children start their primary education happy and prepared. She also leads on medical needs in the school.

  • Mrs Paula Sheward

    EYFS Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Sheward is very arty and loves to help the children with the creative part of our curriculum.

  • Miss Amanda Worrall

    Y2 Teaching Assistant

    Miss Worrall loves helping the children to settle in and develop their love for reading and exploring their outdoor area.

  • Mrs Sarb Klair

    EYFS Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Klair loves meeting all the new children and particularly enjoys helping them learn new things.

  • Mrs Stacey Browning

    1:1 Teaching assistant

    Mrs Browning works in our EYFS unit and is often found playing with puppets and role play with our younger children.

  • Mrs Sophie Liggins

    Y1 Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Liggins enjoys teaching the children to read and is very creative. She also supports the children at lunchtime teaching them new games to play.

  • Mrs Sheila Fuentes

    Y1 Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Fuentes is a music teacher and loves to teach all the children new songs.

  • Miss Holly Vervaet

    1:1 Teaching assistant

    Miss Vervaet works with children with autism and is very calm and patient.

  • Mrs Jane Forrest

    Y2 Teaching assistant


    Mrs Forrest is highly skilled in supporting those children who sometimes struggle with specific areas of work. She has lots of experience and supports teaching and learning to a high level.

  • Ms Edyta Kosminska

    1-1 Teaching Assistant

    Ms Kosminska is very caring and ensures that any child in her care is able to access the learning around them.

  • Mrs Joyce Harnois

    1:1 Teaching Assistant

    Coming Soon

  • Miss Annette Barlow

    Y3 Teaching Assistant

    Miss Barlow works with many children in the school and supports phonics and reading.

  • Miss Mya Sharma

    Y4 Teaching assistant

    Miss Sharma loves to help children with their self-esteem and works well in the classroom to help children access all areas of learning.

  • Mrs Kate Goddard

    1:1 Teaching assistant

    Mrs Goddard works closely with children to help them access all areas of our curriculum. She is always smiling.

  • Mrs Surya Krishna

    Y5 teaching assistant

    Mrs Krishna works with our older children. She quietly supports them to succeed.

  • Mrs Pauline Ward

    1:1 Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Ward is very creative and organised. She leads on playground activities at lunchtimes and is also very friendly to everybody.

  • Dr Lucy Harper

    Y5/6 Teaching Assistant

    Dr Harper is very good at helping the children to problem solve and access all areas of the curriculum.

  • Ms Fernanda Thomazi

    1:1 Teaching Assistant

    Ms Thomazi works with our older children and is very calm and patient.

  • Miss Rimah Hussain

    1:1 Teaching Assistant

    Miss Hussain works in our Hawthorn classroom (SEN unit) she is very smiley, patient and loves to paint.

  • Mrs Nina Harper

    1:1 Teaching assistant

    Mrs Harper works in our Hawthorn classroom (SEN unit). She is very calm, patient and knowledgeable. She loves cooking with the children.

  • Miss Clare Forrest

    Forest School teaching assistant

    Claire supports Mrs Everett in the forest school two days a week. She loves being in the outdoors and planting and digging.

  • Miss Andreea Canelopol

    KS1 Teaching assistant

    Miss Canelopol supports our KS1 children with their reading.

  • Mr Richard Wain-Emery

    1:1 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Rachel Worth

    Teaching Assistant


    Rachel is an experienced TA and we are very pleased to have Rachel's lovely calm presence in our school and support our children to achieve the best they possibly can!